Presented at Den Haag, The Netherlands (2022)



Máni (2022) is a multi-channel sound piece featuring on the manifold listening experience of Den Haag Seaside,. It was composed for Sounding The Spui Project, specifically as part of Rewire Festival that took place at Den Haag, The Netherlands (2022) .



Sounding The Spui

Sounding the Spui Project transforms the iconic Spuiplein in the city centre of The Hague into the site of an immersive, sonic experience that channels sounds sourced from The Hague by a variety of composers, sound artists, students and pupils. Participants were asked to record environmental sounds and reflect on questions as: which sounds are typically from The Hague? Which sounds dominate the environment? Which sounds could function as sonic markers to orient oneself through the city?


The sonic investigation results in an open-access sound installation in the heart of the city. The work temporarily compressed The Hague’s geography into a single space in the city centre. Various loudspeakers are installed to immerse Spuiplein into other acoustic spaces from the city. All kinds of audience are welcome to experience the installation: invitees and passersby, experts and amateurs, young and old. The presentation took place on 9th-10th April, 2022

  *Please listen with headphones*