One with an interest of the relationship between oneself and sound. Foregrounding the multiplicity of listening, her approach involves in-situ sonic practices, taking shape as sound/aural installations, curatorial listening workshops and electro-acoustic works—all of which intents to facilitate the audience to explore the malleability of their aurality, unfolding specific modes of attention embedded in the spatial and temporal context emanated through sound (and silence). Water, a life form she deeply connects with, is a constant theme in her works.





Past – Present


2020 – 2022             Royal Conservatoire The Hague, The Netherlands

                                    Master’s Study in Sonology

                                    (Research on Sound, Water, and Identity)

2012 – 2017               Durham University, United Kingdom

                                    Bachelor of Arts in Music

                                    (Area of Focus: Contemporary Composition)

2015 – 2016               University of Groningen, The Netherlands

                                    Erasmus+ Exchange

                                    (Areas of Focus: Film Studies and Musicology)