Seelab, The Netherlands (2023)




There is no time. (I was told
What time is it? When shall we meet? How long is I love you forever…
Look at the sun & moon,
dialling day & night.

Time-r: Isn’t a moment uncountable?



Time-r is an aural installation by Kim Ho & Remco Jongejan, reflecting on the multiplicity of time. In this work, questions on our relationship with time are reframed and pondered, not verbally, but experientially. Communicating through a bodily-oriented experience, this work invites visitors to mind their own time, listen to it at their own pace.


As clock-time system becomes pre-dominant in modern social structure, we (when participated in a society) become habitual to arranging life in segments without being aware. Often, time is conceived as a countable object: sometimes a commodity, sometimes a governor of our daily routine. The censorship of time seems out of our hands, while the time in our hands seems like a limited resource, always out of stock.


We become a living time-r.


Welcome to all (time-rs) who’d like to experience a moment of freedom.










Photography, Video & Graphic Design: Elina Alekseeva