Salbke Wasserturm, Magdeburg, Germany (2022)



In-tent-gible is a collaborative audio-visual work, with artist Elina Alekseeva. It was presented during the Festival of Future Deserts took place at Salbke Wasserturm, Magdeburg, Germany, 17th-30th October, 2022.

As a sound work, it is a sonic conception of wind across the deserted landscape, signified by the multi-spectacled position of “listenings”. Taking form of a re-imagined aural portray of the landscape by multiplying and reenacting post-produced field-recordings, it is here as an invitation to audiences: to explore one’s own condition of being a listener, questioning the “who” in this constantly exchanging role-play. 


Sound recording may be a form of memory, or an act of capturing and materialising reality, yet it can also be a re-discovery of what listening is. Through the varying aural presences of tent, human, and nature, one may navigate in and out the landscape with different situated “ears”—the artist’s, yours, the recorder’s, and after all, the wind’s—and question: Who is listening to the wind?




*Please listen with headphones*