Water Time Zone

Presented at The West, Den Haag, The Netherlands (2021)



  Water Time Zone is a sound installation that explores the parameter of time and rhythm from a macro- to micro-scale, signified in the sonic reproduction of different bodies of water. In modern era, we are often blinded by our reliability on the clock-time system in perceiving time. However, is time really a measurable occurrence as we organise it? Is there a different “time scale” that lies beyond our perception? Visitors are invited to contemplate these questions in this work constructed from the perspective of water.


What time is it water now?  

  Water has run on our planet even before human species existed. From a macro-scale, the sea has roared ashore for billions of years whilst the ice has the ability to make time stay still for biological matter in a single moment; towards a micro-scale, water is a reflector of climate and weather—the two timely manners that govern the livehood on this planet. The steam, the lake, and the snow are all different forms of water shaped by its environment, each of which creates a different sequence of seasonal pulses through its unique interactions with the surrounding. The sonic re-production of these aquatic presences are wide yet deep, with an invisible non-linear “time-scale” hidden in their manner of behaviours in sonic motion. Utilising the field-recordings derived from different shapes of water with real-time processing, Water Time Zone investigates into the time scales embedded in the reproduction of sonic waters, transforming them into a multitude of temporal experience for its visitors. It invites one to listen into these micro-movement of water time, both through their bodily engagement with water and their ears.


Tremendous Gratitude to

Justin Bennett, Raviv Ganchrow, Johan van Kreij, Lex van den Broek,

Joep de Jong, Tom van Hooff, Bart Vilex, Fabienne Kramer,

Kitty Lai, David Ho, Ian Ho,

The Institute of Sonology, Theatre and Logistic Department of Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag,

and all who kindly offer their countless support in the process of this creation.

This work would not have been possible without them.

Thank you.


*for a documentation video, please click here