Water Time Zone

Den Haag, The Netherlands (2021)



  Water Time Zone is a sound installation that explores the parameter of time and rhythm from a macro- to micro-scale, signified in the sonic re-production of different bodies of water. Nowadays, we often rely on the different human-oriented systems in perceiving time – whether by a calendar, a clock, or the humming of a song. However, is time really a measurable occurrence as we organise it? Is there a different “time scale” that lies beyond our perception? Visitors are invited to contemplate these questions in this work that offers a temporal perspective of water.



What time is it water now?  

  Water has run on our planet even before human species existed. Listening to water is a journey into what’s far beyond humanistic time.

Macroscopically, the ocean has roared ashore for billions of years whilst the ice freezes time for biological matter in a single moment, silently; towards a micro-scale, a variety of aquatic forms is a voice of climate and weather—the two timely occurences that govern all livehood on this planet. May it take shape as steam, a lake, or snow, this transformative element is composed through a beautiful sequence of seasonal pulses, like a reading of the climatic score on this spinning globe – giving voice to its immediate surrounding through the dynamic dialogue within them.


Water Time Zone

  Through the reproduction and reinterpretation of aquatic field-recordings, Water Time Zone offers a space where the sonic motions of the intimate “time scales” / “pulses” hidden in water transform into a tangible experience for audiences. For its visitors, this work invites one to listen into the micro-movement of aquatic time, both through their bodily engagement with water and with their ears.

The behaviours of aquatic presences are wide yet deep, varying in sonic motion. Listening to water, is to observe and respect what’s beyond one’s ears. This work is blossomed from this little insight gathered through a discovery of aurality within water.

Gratitude to

Justin Bennett, Raviv Ganchrow, Johan van Kreij, Lex van den Broek, Andrejs Poikans, Joep de Jong, Tom van Hooff, Bart Vilex, Fabienne Kramer, Kitty Lai, David Ho, Ian Ho, and the nameless ones who kindly offer their support for this project. 


This work would not have been possible without them.


The Institute of Sonology & Theatre and Logistic Department of Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag.


Photography & Video by Andrejs Poikāns