Den Haag, The Netherlands (2021)



  In-Site-Out is an in-situ aural installation that explores our “perception of silence”. By situating oneself in different modes of listening in relation to the site, it intends to uncover where our aural awareness can bring us. It was presented at Amare, the artistic complex located at the heart of Den Haag.


  Within the context of listening, silence has long been regarded as an unperceivable entity in our auditory experience due to the physical structure we inhabit. And yet, Silence is the soil of all sounds.


In-Site-Out aims to bring out different layers of potential silences — the embodied, the unconceivable, and the imagined. These states of silence are concealed in sounds that were considered “inaudible”. In this installation, by situating one’s body in the multiplying acoustic spaces experienced in one’s heightened self-presence, one is invited to interact with the “inaudible” infra-structure of the site: what is silence is at once sounded; Be it a straight road or spiral.




*Please listen with headphones