Presented at Lubná, Czech Republic (2022)



is a site intervention that explores the open-ended-ness in what we term as “cycle”.


Conceived as a work that explores the open connection between action – object – stillness, it invites us to re-make the palpable cycles of perception in our senses by breaking the source-corresponding relationship between the perceiver and the perceived. Bringing visitors on a tour of “listening”, it transmutes sound into an action – not a psychological enquiry, nor a physical phenomenon, but a constant dialogue in between. For better or worse, it challenges listeners to re-conceive their own “listening” – instead of “what” is being listened to, how about “why”? “when”? and fundamentally – “who”, honestly, is listening?

In this dialogue, the inter-changing correlations between sound–the perceived–silence are amplified through the projection of light, shadow and water/ glass reflections.








迴 was presented at the fifth edition of Bučení, a festival of experimental electronic music and audio-visual art took place in Lubná, Czech Replublic, on 19 and 20 August 2022. It is now a permanent installation on site.


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